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Brooklyn’s Project Sound System NEEDS YOUR HELP!!! Less than a month to raise $4,000

Project Sound System Visual Identity


Project Sound System (PSS)“a free introductory workshop on live sound and music technology for under-served teens in the NYC area”is running an Indiegogo fundraising campaign ahead of its 2014 pilot semester. So far, the campaign is doing well with $3,995 as of today… but that’s still less than half of its $8,000 goal. Please donate whatever money you can to this cause. Every dollar counts and even if you can only offer $1, I’m pretty sure they WILL take that buck and put it to good use. However, if you’re looking to get explicitly rewarded for your contribution, you’ll need to make a donation of at least $10.  If you can’t give any money or want to help beyond that, PSS is also looking for equipment donations, sponsorships, guest DJs, support from the audio industry, and talent who can help build the program. For a bit of background information on Project Sound System, see the video and information below, which comes right off PSS’ campaign page and be sure to visit Project Sound System on Indiegogo for all the details, including the perks (music, merch, party, etc.) being offered to people who pitch in.

“PSS serves youth (13-19) who struggle in school or have dropped-out, face high unemployment rates, and/or are otherwise “under-served”. Students who are interested in audio arts but do not have access to formal training are also welcome. PSS prioritizes personal empowerment, technological literacy, and team-building opportunities while equipping teens with skills, training, and work experience through learning the “ins and outs” of setting up and running a DJ rig and sound system. PSS engages students’ natural curiosity for technology and their love of music while laying the foundation for a number of fulfilling and truly lucrative career options.
The PSS curriculum was developed by Erica Stoltz, a musician and audio technician who has a near twenty year in live sound. Her resume includes such venues as BB King Blues Club, Highline Ballroom, and Brooklyn Academy of Music.
We are currently raising funds in preparation for our pilot workshop this spring, 2014.
Our goal is to raise $8,000.00. This would allow for the purchase of equipment to be used in subsequent programs around the city. The implementation of an 8-week pilot program and more programs to follow rely on your generosity. We decided to keep our official Indiegogo fund goal low in the interest of avoiding any penalty costs and with the great hope of exceeding it!
The 8-week pilot workshop of Project Sound System will be held at the Children’s Development Support Corp. (CDSC) in Brooklyn. This is a community with one of the highest dropout and unemployment rates in NYC due to poverty, teen pregnancy, drug and gang involvement.
PSS aims to:
  • Redirect under-served youth through an enhanced understanding a basic sound system and dj rig;
  • Make an introduction to literacy in entertainment technology
  • Exemplify interpersonal skills and teamwork needed in a production environment
  • Provide an alternative education option
  • Give students hands-on training that will position them as strong candidates for jobs incorporating live music and sound engineering
  • Educate students on the variety of professional opportunities in sound & music technology
  • PSS taps into a population, culture, and art form that already thrive on versatility, creativity, and resourcefulness adding to the job creating potential as well as the economic viability of NYC’s entertainment industry.
About Create Collective
Project Sound System is made in collaboration with Create Collective, an IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. We generate and support art education and arts activities in community based spaces. Through collaborations between professional artists and community members of all ages, we strive to: discover new possibilities and purposes for the arts, engage with local and global initiatives most often considered separate from the arts, and bring new voices to the gallery, stage, or page. Our participants (adults and youth) come from diverse backgrounds, however we prioritize programing that serves those with limited access to arts education. The artists we work with are dancers, writers, musicians, sculptors and more. They are experienced educators and committed to projects that productively address, through the creative process, concerns and challenges facing our participants. Please find additional [information] at

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