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TurnTables Talk, in association with Bagpak Records and Surreal Soundscapes (yeah, that’s us!) present “In Stereo”: a Friday night affair featuring an open format audio experience designed by DJs Engine, Yellowtail, and Jun Bug. All night we’re dishing out multi-genre sounds focused on ‘Funk Fusion’ (new + classic + rare + jazzy + electro x [Funk + Soul + Disco] x [Globalization] = Funk Fusion) accompanied by soulful EDM, Hip Hop, R&B, NuJazz, Pan-American beats, classics, and random bonuses. Kick it with us at Brooklyn Stable in Willamsburg tomorrow night as we vibe out to stimulation through rhythm, rhyme, and melody. You may hear vinyl, you may hear digital. Whatever you hear, you’ll hear it… IN STEREO! Whet your appetites with any or all of the mixes below.

On a somber note… we know there may be people who can’t make it because they’ll be in East Flatbush standing up for their right to exist as NYC residents and human beings on this planet. #RIPKimaniGray!!!


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