vote, vote, vote, vote, vote!

Haven’t voted yet today?
Thinking about not voting at all?
Have you lost faith in the American political process?
Don’t think your vote even matters?

If you answer “yes” to these questions, I’m not mad at you. BUT… I have a question for you… DO YOU REALLY THINK THE RELATIVELY SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME IT TAKES TO VOTE IS A WASTE OF TIME?

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, voting will be a MAJOR inconvenience for many people in the NY/Tri-State area. Our fellow citizens who’s lives have been thrown into chaos by mother nature and human shortcomings, will have to weigh the value of their vote against the importance of the things they need to get done to ensure that their families are safe and secure. If you’re among those in our area who are still in pretty good shape after Sandy, please consider how much time and effort it takes to vote. How big of a sacrifice will you have to make to cast your ballot? If it’s not so big, think long and hard before you sacrifice your vote. And, consider the many sacrifices that people before you made to ensure your right to vote. More than just the presidency is at stake with the elections.  There are local, state, and senatorial races also taking place. Though those are made to seem less significant, I’d argue that local and state representation is as important as our national leadership. The President does not control your local and state police, he doesn’t control your local school system, and he doesn’t determine what kind of neighborhood you live in. National policy matters, but local government really matters.  And, there’s no electoral college standing in between your vote and your local elected officials.

If you’re going to throw away your vote, please make a thoughtful decision about why doing something else with that time and effort. For sure, voting can take more time than should be necessary in many places. This seems especially true in poorer districts and communities of color. This fact, I argue, reinforces the importance of voting. But, if you really, really have something to do that is more important than voting, by all means… do it. Otherwise… VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!

PS… I didn’t write this specifically for Surreal Soundscapes. If I did, I would’ve focused on the impact politicians have on the music industry and the choices we have as music listeners, advocates, and creators.


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