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BlackHouse (Georgia Anne Muldrow X DJ Romes) – The Blackhouse

The BlackHouse - "The Blackhouse" (cover art)
As part of the MMG Instrumental Series, MMG just released a dope new project from producer Georgia Anne Muldrow and DJ Romes (of Lootpack), who’ve teamed up to form a group called BlackHouse. Their brand new album out today is called “The Blackhouse” and is full of some seriously creative, soulful, and, most importantly, funky electronic music. Though MMG describes this music as “dance music”, many would disagree with the labeling despite the likelihood that a lot of people will two-step to it from start to finish. There are certainly a few higher bpm offerings including some four-on-the-floor rhythms that are undeniably “dancy”, but this ain’t no fist pump shit. Wall flowers, head-nodders, toe-tappers, and audio geeks need not fear. MMG uses the term “dance record with an IQ” to describe the album, to let you know that this is a project with depth and dimension. The music sounds smart for sure, but the bottom line is that just about anybody with average or above intelligence, as well as above-average taste needs to hear this. If you like bass, you’ll enjoy it. If you like breaks, you’ll really enjoy it. If you’re not convinced it’s worth checking out, you’d probably benefit from knowing that the project takes influences from Afrika Bambataa and The Soulsonic Force, Kraftwerk, DJ Omega, Knights of the Turntable, Frankie Knuckles, and Kurtis Blow (if any of these names don’t mean anything to you, move along). A long legacy of electro funk and urban, beat-based, party music is well-represented by this album. To share one more quote from the official album description, “the album takes us back to a time where hip-hop, house, and funk were inextricably and immediately connected”. “The Blackhouse” reinforces Georgia Anne’s position as one of the most innovative and inspiring producers in hip-hop and music overall. Her collaborator, DJ Romes, may be the lesser known of the two (probably depends on who you ask), but he’s been in Southern California’s undergroud hip-hop scene since the early ’90s. Hopefully we’ll hear a lot more from Romes, whether it’s as a part of BlackHouse or any other collaborative or  solo effort.

Listen to the entire BlackHouse album below and buy it via Mello Music Group or Bandcamp once you realize it’s worth at least $8.

BlackHouse - "The Blackhouse (Back Cover)


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