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(NEW) MUSIC From DJ Vadim: “Vah Vaow”, and “Control 2012”, “Don’t Be Scared” On Sale Now!

DJ Vadim - "Don't Be Scared" (Art)
DJ Vadim - "Don't Be Scared" (Back Cover)DJ Vadim‘s new album, “Don’t Be Scared”, is available now and if you heard its first two singles, there’s a good chance you already know it’s worth buying.  Though it maybe unnecessary, here’s a couple more joints for added incentive: “Vah Vaoh”, which is on the album and features Heidi Vogel, and “Control 2012”, which is a bonus and isn’t on the tracklist. Producers and DJs, mark your calendars… according to a comment Vadim made on SoundCloud, you can look out for the latter track to be released as stems for your remixing pleasure by December. As it is now, both “Vah Vaoh” and “Control 2012” are released under Creative Commons license, so you can basically do what you want with these songs as long as you don’t profit from them and you do credit Vadim.


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