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New Music: DJ Vadim – “This DJ (Dubstep Ting)” ft. JMan, “Leader” ft. Yarah Bravo (Videos)

DJ Vadim - "This DJ" (Single Cover)
Veteran UK DJ/producer DJ Vadim has two new singles out called “This DJ (Dubstep Ting)” and “Leader”. The official single version of the former features lyrics by his countryman, JMan who you can hear and see via the first video right below. For a few bucks you can now purchase this version http://www.bbemusic.com/data.pl?release=BBE225SDG, along with the instrumental, Wal-mart (clean) version, and remixes featuring Rodney P and the Trojan Soundsystem. The latter single – “Leader” – features verses by Yarah Bravo (an artist I can’t wait to become more familiar with), as well as a familiar and thought-provoking Nicki Minaj sample. If you want to own this track, you’ll have to wait for Vadim’s new album, Don’t Be Scared to drop in October or for it be released as a single before that.

Vadim is now residing in both Brooklyn and Berlin, though it seems hard to peg him as a New York-based artist knowing that he’s consistently spinning across the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world. This Russian-born, London-raised musician keeps it movin’! If you’d like to do a background check on him, start with a look at his site’s bio page .


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