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New Hip-Hop: Pusha-T Featuring Raekwon & Joell Ortiz – “Tick, Tock”

Pusha-T ft. Raekwon and Joell Ortiz (Promo)
I’m gonna go ahead and put this joint under the made-up category of “non-romantic rap slow-jams”. Pusha-T‘s new single, “Tick, Tock”, is down-tempo, super-mellow, and maybe even a little mellow-dramatic. It has a cinematic vibe, which makes sense since the song comes off the soundtrack for the upcoming flick, The Man With the Iron Fists. If you generally prefer higher-energy hip-hop, this might not be up to your speed. Don’t take that to mean that the song is soft. Soft, this song is NOT! The beat – produced by Frank Dukes and S-1 – rides some serious bass, as well as some hard percussion patterns that include the distinct sound of a clock ticking. And, with solid guest verses from Raekwon and Joell Ortiz, it should at least meet your lyrical quality standards. Don’t wast time… listen to “Tick, Tock” now! Don’t think its’ cool to procrastinate just because the #MWIF soundtrack doesn’t come out ’til damn near Halloween (Oct 30th to be exact), because it AIN’T!


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