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Mixpak to Release First Volume in “Pressure” Series September 25th (Stream Now!!)

"Mixpak Pressure: Volume One" (Cover Art)Brooklyn based label and Production house Mixpak Records has been grinding heavily this year and they’re obviously on a mission to make a major impact on the music scene. Or should I say scenes? Mixpak’s sounds trandscend genres, cultures, and nations, and they range from experimental (instrumental hip-hop/live beatmaking) to popular (big Jamaican dancehall tunes). Thus, it’s hard to say exactly who Mixpak’s audience is other than people who like big beats, bumpin bass, along with serious synths and samples used in combination to produce dope melodies and rhythms. That description is pretty inclusive and, should perfectly fit fans of Mixpak Pressure: Volume 1. The project features ten tracks by ten different producers. Even though the music is all inspired by dirty south rap, you still might be surprised by how consistent the vibe is throughout. “Black Mirror Infinity” by Strange VIP is the 9th track and the first track to really stand out from the crowd. Don’t worry… the crowd is on-point.


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