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DJ Spinna Presents: The Eccentric Movements of Jose James Mixtape

Jose James Photo
DJ Spinna blessed his SoundCloud followers and many other soulful, far-flung music fans with a dope new mix just in time for the long Labor Day weekend. DJ Spinna Presents: The Eccentric Movements of Jose James showcases music by Brooklyn-based soul singer Jose James. DJ Spinna artfully blends selections from older recordings as well as joints from James’ upcoming release on Blue Note Records. Spinna’s Jose James mix is also infused with a few elements of flavor from familiar favorites that you should recognize upon hearing. They’re not included on the tracklist, so you either know them or you don’t. Check out the mix and tracklists below and get familiar with Jose James if you aren’t already!

1. Love Connection
2. Code
3. Park Bench People
4. Love
5. Come To My Door
6. Made For Love
7. It’s All Over
8. Save Your Love
9. Lay You Down
10. Trouble
11. Vanguard
12. Promise In Love
13. Detroit Loveletter
14. Sword – Gun
15. Velvet
16. Desire (Moodyman Remix)
17. Warriors
18. Warriors SBRKT Remix)
19. Tomorrow


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