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NEW HIP-HOP: EarthTone ft. Spring – Arbor Day (video)

JusTone Cover Art
Marijuana music, reefer rap, or whatever you want to call it (you prob don’t wanna call it “marijuana music” or even USE the word “reefer”) is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and neither does the trend of people ‘smokin’ trees’. Fortunately, the latter isn’t getting played-out as fast as the former (though the former has to annoy a fare share of veteran weed-heads). Even more fortunately, every so often a talented emcee gives this hippie-hop recipe some potent, new flavor that serves to stimulate otherwise dulled nerves. NJ rapper and producer, EarthTone recently dropped just this type of joint (pun unintended but appreciated) which he gave a fitting title – “Arbor Day”. The song features Spring and can be found on ‘Tone’s newest mixtape, JusTone. Check out the video below, directed by G. Addison Films.


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