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NEW MUSIC: Cody ChesnuTT – “That’s Still Mama”

Cody ChesnuTT Mic
After a ten year break, Cody ChesnuTT is preparing tp release a new full-length album. The new project, “Landing On A Hundred”, should finally satisfy all those who wondered why they haven’t heard from this unique musician since his genre-defying double album, The Headphone Masterpiece. Like that classic, Cody is self-releasing the new joint, which debuts in October. After you listen (and download if you’re lucky – LESS THAN 30 FREE DLs LEFT) to the new, very funky, very soulful track – “That’s Still Mama” – Check him out as he records “Everybody’s Brother”, another cut from the album which premiered on OkayPlayer. OKP is using the intimate footage to bring awareness to the Kickstarter campaign that Cody launched to fund the album’s production, and pre-release touring and promo.


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