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New Mixtape (Download and Stream): Chin Injeti – “Peoples”

Chin Injeti - Peoples (ART)
Wandering Worx, a Vancouver-based Canadian music and film company has released a really dope, FREE mixtape put together by grammy award-winning producer Chin Injeti titled Peoples. The name reflects the project’s theme, which is to pay tribute to all those who have inspired, or been inspired by, Injeti. The album is multi-dimensional in-terms of genre, but, upon first listen, it seems like the sounds and rhythms blend together nicely to create a pretty seamless experience. The fact that every track was at least partially produced by Injeti probably contributes to the feel. Peoples features David Banner, Jay Electronica, Talib Kweli, The New Royales, Bishop Lamont, Jasiri X, Moka Only, Shad, Maestro, Skratch Bastid, Kyprios, Chace Infinite, Krondon, Zaki Ibrahim, and Sophia Danai and Omar Khan of The Hastings Set.


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