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Heads in the Cloud: Nappy Chan

FACT: Nappy Chan absolutely loves him some compelling sights and sounds, with emphasis on the latter. Honestly, the previous statement could be a total lie… I mean I don’t know if the dude really even exists. But, based on what I’ve seen and heard on Tumblr and SoundCloud (links below), someone going by the name Nappy Chan, reppin’ Cali’s 909 area code, is thoroughly enjoying creating chilled-out beats and sharing photos that speak mouthfuls (he doesn’t write much from what I’ve seen, unless you call “Best Pokemon Ever” writing). A self-described “bedroom beathead”, Nappy Chan is a highly creative beatmaker and experimental sound artist who gets his kicks (not kick drums… well maybe) from working with low-fi record samples. He doesn’t shun synthesized sounds, but his ear for samples definitely stands out. Listen to the embeds below (which includes his recently released beat collection) and hear for yourself. Last but not least, check out his site: http://flavors.me/nappychan#_

BTW, if you’re interested, Nap says he uses FL Studio 10, a direct drive turntable, a portable midi controller, and would still be using an sp505 if the shit didn’t break on him. Sorta wish I asked him about his favorite plug-ins for FL, but that’s too technical and damn near too personal.


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