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New Homeboy Sandman Video – “Hold Your Head”, Not So New Vid – “Mine all Mine”

Here’s the new video by Homeboy Sandman for the inspirational track “Hold Your Head” off his new EP, Chimera. It’s contemplative song and video about hard times, depression, and perserverance. Not long before this, Sand and Stones Throw released a video for the track “Mine all Mine” (below) off of Sandman’s EP, Subject Matter, which dropped this January. This one features images of friends and family, and has an entirely positive vibe, unlike the more recent release. Shot in the city, both videos deliver portions of a remnant gritty New York vibe. They’re definitely not going for the psychadelic effect that the “Miracle” video (BONUS – below) had… though two Sandmen in conversation is slightly trippy.

Homeboy Sandman – Mine all Mine (Official Music Video)

BONUS FEATURE: Homeboy Sandman – Miracle (Official Music Video)


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