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Uncomun Hosts Mr. Complex “Swiss Chocolate Cake” Album Release Party

Mr. Complex  performing at album release wearing Swiss Chocolate Cake t-shirt

I had the pleasure of attending the March episode of Uncomun, a monthly live music and film event at Drom in the East Village/Alphabet City borderlands. I had no expectations other than seeing the funk-rock band, Loud APT, a second band that I assumed was some-how Latin in its musical nature, and a Pharaoh Monch performance of unknown length. Basically I had no expectations, which was great because I didn’t need them. Loud Apartment’s front-man, Nevaris, ended up being seriously sick that night, so they didn’t play. Pharoahe Monch’s performance was really a dope guest appearance in support of fellow Queens MC, Mr. Complex, and Complex’s group – Polyrhythm Addicts. As it turned out, Mr. Complex and very good company – Jarobi (ATCQ), Dres (Black Sheep), Polyrhytm Addicts’ Shabaam Sadiq and Tiye Phoenix, and Monch – were there for Complex’s release of his new Swiss Chocolate Cake album. Finally, that Latin-band, Maya Azucena, turned out to be a breathtakingly beautiful and talented vocalist (backed by a non-Latin band featuring Chris Rob on keyboard) who seemed to immediately convert all who were seeing her for a first time into fans and make them wonder why they hadn’t heard her before. For more on the show, check out Big Time City’s review. Definitely check out Mr. Complex’s video for “Holy Smokes” (below), too.


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