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New DJ Critical Blend: Ace Hood vs Chris Brown – “Go N Get a Kiss Kiss”

Though it’s been a couple weeks since my last post, there has been no shortage of good music or quality happenings to discuss. There’s no way that I could cover everything, but there are a few things that I really have been meaning to share. I’m going to start off with the home team. Surreal Soundscapes’ DJ Critical recently recorded a little blend featuring the vocals from Ace Hood’s hard as steel Go N Get It laid over the instrumental from Chris Brown’s 2007 hit single Kiss Kiss. Being that T-Pain made the beat for C. Breezy, you could call this an all-Florida Remix. Like he did with his Nasty Boy vs Cholo Skate blend, DJ Critical once again turned what might seem like a musical mismatch into a pretty seamless remix. His timing is pretty good, too,  considering that Ace Hood’s newest single, Body 2 Body,  actually does feature Chris Brown.


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