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Kendrick Lamar Rocks Brooklyn – “Cut You Off” Live at Southpaw (video)

As a New Yorker, I know that on any given night there are ample things to do, which is one reason why people suffer the high rents and cramped living spaces. That being said, I have to wonder, if you’re a hip hop head and you weren’t at Southpaw for the Kendrick Lamar show last night or, at least, really wishing you could be there, where the fuck were you? Perhaps you just didn’t know KL was coming to Brooklyn, which is partly my fault since I didn’t even post about it. (Serious ball dropage on my part – my bad – REALLY!!!) I plan on doing a much better job of posting on upcoming events. In the meantime, take a look at some very amateurish footage I got of Kendrick Lamar performing Cut You Off live at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NY. This video is shot on an inexpensive digital cam, which obviously doesn’t focus well on moving targets and tends to record poor audio, especially in indoor venues. The video quality is pretty wack, but the audio is better than I expected, though not fantastic. It’s good enough to provide a small glimpse at what you missed if you weren’t in Southpaw last night (Friday Jun 17th, 2011). Kendrick Lamar killed it as did Nitty Scott MC, YC the Cynic, and Jah C and the Antidote who organized the event and took the stage fist. Jersey MC, Apollo the Great performed as a special guest and did his thing to mixed effect before Kendrick’s set. You could call it the low-point of the show being that the crowd wasn’t really feeling his semi-generic, though mostly solidly delivered lyrics (either his rhymes or his mic could’ve been louder). Fortunately for him and everybody in attendance, Brooklyn’s own Sean Price grabbed a mic and hopped on stage to save the day. Sean P easily turned a negative into a positive and any damage was further minimized by Kendrick Lamar following his performance with one that was definitely way more memorable. I’m guessing Apollo might not have much on-stage experience, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes some improvements for his next performance. I imagine Kendrick Lamar will keep improving, too. Though, right now it seems like he’s already at the top of his game and is en route to being among the top emcees in the game overall. Judging from last night’s crowd, Kendrick’s fans think he’s there now! We’re all anxiously waiting for Section 80 to drop next month!


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