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Saturday Soul Search: ShawnDub – Promo Mix (50 Minutes of Funky Feel-Good Music)

I recently had the opportunity to meet ShawnDub, along with fellow Brooklyn turntablist/beatmaker, Engine NumberNine, and I was immediately impressed with their skills on the wheels, in addition to the depth of their love and knowledge of music. On his Promo Mix, ShawnDub showcases this with just about 50 minutes of feel-good eclectic rhythms that are a perfect fit for Surreal Soundscapes’ new Saturday Soul Search. While boxing music into genres and sub-genres sort-of sucks, for information’s sake I’ll say that this mix is a blend of funk, soul, R&B, and house. Some recordings on this mix easily could be labeled neo-soul, jazz-funk, and who knows what else. Let’s not complicate things. If you like soulful vocals and melodies, funky basslines and percussion, and classic sounds from decades past but not forgotten, then there’s a 99%* chance that you’ll enjoy this mix. If I had a track listing for this, I’d share it. But… I don’t, which I suspect is how S-dub wants it. Bottom Line: This is good music for good spirits. If it’s a hot, sunny day where you are, you might want to listen to this in a nice, outdoor spot with your preferred cold beverage. We’re  pretty much having the opposite weather today in New York City, but this music still sounds great under gray skies and scattered showers.

Listen to this week’s Saturday Soul Search selection: ShawnDub – Promo Mix

*99% is a guestimate! Though, I’m confident in my guestimation skills, I will not be held accountable if you somehow can’t appreciate this obviously good music.


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