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West Wednesdays: Tyler the Creator ft Frank Ocean – She (The Video)


Last Friday, Tyler the Creator’s video for She was released, serving as confirmation to many that the kid is deeply disturbed. He may be, but what’s disturbing to me is that he seems to be one of the few disturbed Americans (which I’m pretty sure is most of us) who has embraced his polluted mind in a way that is profitable to himself and his [Odd Future] peoples. I go back and forth on whether to take Tyler seriously. Since watching this She video, I’m on the serious side of the fence. Directed by Wolf Haley (AKA Tyler himself), and shot by Luis Ponch Perez, it goes extremely well with the track’s eerily smooth sound – a track that would be a lot less likable without Frank Ocean’s voice. I’m not even going to analyze Tyler’s lyrical content. It’s safe to say that he’s kind of a perv. But, that’s not really wierd. What’s weird is that he’s open about his perviness, and isn’t waiting for a press conference to tearfully confess it. Perv or no perv, if Tyler, the Creator, keeps spitting, producing, directing, and being a ridiculous character like he has, I’ll have to keep giving him serious consideration, and maybe even buy his music.

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