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Watch “B Movie – Gil Scott Heron” on YouTube

I was planning on posting this yesterday, but it didn’t work out as planned. This video of Gil Scott Heron performing “B-Movie” shows his political side and the political times that hip hop and many of its 70s and 80s baby fans were born into. Even though this track isn’t very melodic, I think it’s a perfect fit for the “Saturday Soul Search” since the piece is basically talking about America’s soul. The video begins abruptly and a little behind, but that doesn’t take away from the power of Gil’s poetry. If you’re a student of American history, politics, and culture, and you appreciate a smooth rhythm, you’ll probably enjoy this. If you’re not into all that thinking and learning bulls*#t, you might want to skip this.

“B-Movie”… in memory of Gil Scott Heron:


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