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Gil Scott Heron’s Passing at 62 is Sad Loss

As you ALL should know by now, Gil Scott Heron passed away on Friday afternoon after returning to his home in NY from overseas. Because of the holiday weekend, we’ve been slow to publicly, pay respects to the memory of this inspiring poet, author, political satirist, singer, spoken word artist/rapper, and human being. It’s a sad loss for those of us who knew and loved his work. One can only imagine what the people who knew him personally are going through right now. For the untold millions of people who will only become acquainted with his music and writing now that he’s dead, it’s sad but it’s also a learning opportunity. It’s a reason to study your history and your circumstances. Gil Scott Heron was a student of history and his people’s circumstances. More importantly, he was a teacher. His teaching style was unorthodox and innovative, especially considering that he has recordings that pre-date rap that people now classify as hip hop in retrospect.

Starting today, in memory of Gil Scott Heron, we’ll post a video or song of his once a day until we can’t find one worth posting, or until we’re satisfied. Being that this he has recorded 15 albums (that’s my count not including live performances), chances are we’ll be satisfied long before we run out of quality Gil Scott material.

We start today on an upbeat musical note with a Racetrack in France:


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