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DJ JS-1 Featuring Lil Fame, Joell Ortiz, and Freddie the Fox – “Reppin NY”

DJ JS-1 Ground Original 3: No One Cares Album Cover

DJ JS-1 is “Reppin NY” on his new(ish) single with the help of fellow New Yorkers, Freddie the Fox, Joell Ortiz and Lil Fame of M.O.P. He obviously isn’t feeling most of what he’s hearing from the city’s MCs, so he closed his eyes and traveled back to a time when DJ Premier, Large Professor and Pete Rock set the standard for the sound of New York hip hop. JS-1 is a Queens native who previously served as Rahzel’s tour DJ, so It’s not surprising that he’s dissappointed with the current state of affairs. That being said, rap from the rotten apple has been under criticism for years and this song isn’t easy to distinguish from other retro-inspired tracks complaining about music coming out of hip hop’s birthplace. As much as I respect the featured emcees, this song would be pretty unremarkable if it weren’t for Joell Ortiz’s verse. Joell’s voice, flow and wordplay just seems to connect. Lil Fame’s verse is good and Freddie the Fox’ might be a little better, but neither are especially exciting. It’s a good song, but it ain’t great. Reppin NY is off of Ground Original 3 – No One Cares, which will conclude the Ground Original series. Though this particular song didn’t really impress me, I’m still excited about the album and the many dope collaborations that will be on it. Check for it on June 21st.

Download and Listen: http://hulkshare.com/hxjhlwmk7w3a


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