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H2C2’s Rapathon 5 Set for Saturday May, 21st – Last Chance to Audition TODAY

Rapathon 5 Flyer

The fifth annual Rapathon is taking place on the weekend of May 21st at the Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem (H2C2). The event aims to feature 28 hours of freestyle rhymes, which will be one hour more than last year’s record of 27 hours. Competing emcees have a chance to win a very nice case prize (keep reading). To qualify for the Rapathon, you need to be able to spit for 90 seconds straight WITHOUT CURSING. If you’re the NYC/Metro area and this opportunity to show and prove sounds good, you’ve got one last chance to audition TODAY. The last scheduled audition slot is taking place this evening at 6:30 pm (see below for the address) – so you definitely need to hustle to make it. Uncle Ralph McDaniels is the official videographer and the entire event will be broadcast live via No other media outlets will be allowed to film, but if you want to film the event you can call H2C2 to request a permit (today is the last day to do that too). Anybody is free to take still pictures, and I don’t see them stopping people from taking videos on their phones or digital cams. Basically, rappers can expect a decent promo opportunity. If you’re an up and comer, the Rapathon 5 could definitely be a good way to build buzz. And by the way, the best MC WINS $1000! You’ve got a little less than 3.5 hours until the final audition, so hustle!

Rapathon 5 @ H2C2
Live taping and webcast by Ralph McDaniels
Saturday May 21st 3pm til Sunday May 22nd 7pm
2309 Frederick Douglass Blvd.
(at the Magic Johnson Theater)
New York, NY 10027
(212) 234-7171


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