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Chiddy Bang feat. Mac Miller – Heatwave

Chiddy Bang Promo PhotoAs many of you know, Mac Miller is a rising star in Hip Hop working with the same artist development-focused label that’s helping fellow Pittsburgh emcee, Wiz Khalifa, earn his current place in the game. The kid’s been putting out pretty well-rounded, creative music for what seems like years now and I personally feel offended when people whom I expect to haven’t heard is music (he’s put out enough mixtapes already, I mean c’mon people!). Mac Miller Under Rockefeller Center statue (Black and White)DJ Critical is an example of someone I feel didn’t pay attention when I mentioned Mac Miller. That was until he put me onto this ‘Heatwave’ shit. I heard some little Chiddy Bang a few months back, but I’ve basically slept on the Philly band since. Chiddy Bang and Mac Miller are both skilled in making upbeat music, so you probably shouldn’t expect anything different with this.  Download ‘Heatwave’ (below).

Chiddy Bang ft. Mac Miller – Heatwave
Listen and download:  http://www.mediafire.com/?wa4n3a7k273kym0

Chiddy Bang’s

Mac Miler’s:


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