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Cosmo Baker and Friends – More, More, More and Props

Thursday night I celebrated my boy, Aaron’s (AKA DJ Teddy Brown) birthday at Cosmo Baker’s monthly party at SubMercer – More, More, More. As the title indicates, this party served up some fine beats from the 70s and 80s (I’d say mostly 80s); disco, funk and hard bass-lines a plenty. This month’s special guest, Haycock (The Do-Over, LA) added some appreciated West Coast flavor to the affair. Like the rest of the Surreal Soundscapes crew, I appreciate retro sounds and classics of all genres, but I have my limits, That said, I was going into this hoping Cosmo and Haycock would incorporate some old school rap in the mix to keep me from losing my mind. Not knowing what to expect, I was fully prepared to dull my senses with excessive alcohol in the event that this party was to turn into an 80s pop shit show. Lucky for me, both DJs, especially Cosmo Baker, kept me satisfied without playing any hip hop by the time I bounced; I‘m thankful because I was paying $13 for vodka tonics and $7 for Stellas and couldn’t afford to get wasted anyway. Needless to say, SubMercer is a swanky joint and the sound system lives up to the styling of the venue.  Despite high drink prices for my broke ass, this party was a definite good time when you consider that the spot was dope, there was no cover, and that the music – both selection and sound quality –  was on point. I look forward to next time!

More, More, More
Cosmo Baker
Special Guest: Haycock (The Do-Over, LA)
New York, NY @ SubMercer
147 1/2 Mercer Street

On another Cosmo Baker note….

Cosmo will be the Rich Media and Akalepse’s special guest at their Wednesday night residency – Props – at Le Poisson Rouge. I haven’t been to this particular event, or, embarrassingly, to Le Poisson Rouge. Next Wednesday could could be a good opportunity for me to check out both. I can get an idea of what to expect at this year’s Duck Down and Black Smith Showcase (last year’s Duck Down Showcase was held on a very rainy night at the spacious Gramercy Theater). Most of you probably don’t need much extra motivations to hit this party, so I suggest you hit it up.

Rich Medina and Akalepse
Special guest: Cosmo Baker
New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleeker Street


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